Scent magic (aroma tricks)

Have you ever wondered why mummies loose their appetite after preparing a grand feast? Or why does the smell of a baking cake increases your appetite? Well, its all because of your nose. Like vision and touch , smell does play a major role in our lives. And these scents, when registers to your brain, it commands an action which tempts you to perform it. So, here are a few tricks you can perform to fool your brain to act the way you wish to.
  • Green apple scent or banana scent: This scent can actually help you loose weight in a long run. When you are tempted to eat, which would be against your dieting schedule, have a sniff of this scent and there, your brain is fooled of you having eaten something and makes you feel full longer than usual.  
  • Lavender oil or lavender scent:  Relaxation would the the best suited word. Lavender oil or scent has the ability to relax your body and mind. Therefore while meditating or having a massage, this scent can help you relax better. Also in case you had a stressful day, simply have a nice bath with a lavender soap and you would feel relaxed and calm instantly.
  • Rosemary scent:  A perfect scent for all working people and students. This scent is also known as a brain and nerve tonic. It is the perfect solution for boredom, depression, mental fatigue, forgetfulness and alertness.  It can make you more attentive and actually wake up your brain. So people who wants to be more alert and 'awake', can use this scent for their advantage.
  • Pepper mint oil or scent:  Pepper mint has many medical values and so does pepper mint oil. This scent can help you cope with head aches and also can give you a huge relief in fever. Pepper mint scent can help you health wise.
  • Citrus smell as in oranges and pink grape fruit: It can literally energise you. In case you feel tired and want to feel fresh, this smell or scent can do magic. So, a bath with a citrus scented soap can freshen you up in minutes!
  • Baby powder smell or cucumber smell: This may help guys, because this scent really turn a woman on. ;)
  • Rose scent: Rose scent can do wonders on memory. Students tend to forget what they study resulting in low marks. With the use of this scent, their memories can be enhanced and thereby improving their overall life better.

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