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Korean skin care secrets.

Koreans have the best skin you can imagine. Their skin is radiant, glowing, fresh, pale, flawless and perfect as a dream. Korean skin secrets are one among the most searched on the internet. But if you ask a Korean all they say is that, there was never a secret. They give deep importance to their skin care routines and start it at a very young age. Taking care of their skin is even part of their culture.

There are many Korean products in the market that are being sold in the name of their skin care routine. The other prominent thing about their routine is the number. 10 step skin care routine, 15 step skin care routine. But the skin care is basically the same. They break down into detailed steps. That’s it. So here, I will tell you about how Koreans break normal skin care routines into detailed and more effective routine.
1. Cleansing:
Cleaning your make up, oils, dusts off your face is the basic purpose. Koreans break down this to different steps. They do an oil based cleanser to remove the makeup and then foam based cleanser to clean off the oil and a gel based cleanser to clean any residue left by the earlier cleansers or otherwise.
2. Exfoliating:
Removing the dead cells is another prominent step in any skin care routine. Koreans detail this as well. They do double exfoliating to make sure the youthful cells are on the outer. During the cleansing step the second foaming cleanser usually has smalls exfoliating beads in them which would help in removing the overall dead skin on the face. In this step they use a daily exfoliating cream to rub in every detail of the face to remove any dead cell remaining. After which they again use the gel base cleanser to remove any residue by the exfoliating cream. This step also has a massaging effect on the skin thereby promoting increased blood flow to the face.
3. Toning:
Toning is a multi tasking step. It again cleans the skin, balances the disturbed ph balance of the skin, reduces the pore sizes and hydrates the skin. Koreans usually recommend a hydrant tonner that will not dry your skin. But here I would make an exception here that if your skin is pimple or acne prone then a mild toner will not help. A strong tonner will do the job instead. Don’t worry about the drying part as the steps further will either easy look into that problem.
4. Serum:
The word serum sounds so chemical. But actually, it is just giving your skin what it needs. In other words, serum is the food to your skin. Serum is a ‘must have’ in a Korean skin care routine. They never skip this step. There are a million of serums available in market. Some for glow, some for pimple free, some for oily skin and many more categories of serums are available on the market. So before you buy a serum, you should be clear on what effect you want it to have on your skin.
My recommendation would be, to have a readymade simple serum for your day time routine and a homemade serum for your night time routine. Homemade skin serums are quite sticky so it’s best for night time routine only. Homemade serum recipes will be shared in my next ‘home made Korean skin care’ article
 5. Essence:
This is something that only Koreans do in their skin care routines. This step is absolutely optional, as serum serves all the purpose. But in simple words it’s dessert to your skin; something extra to pamper your skin. As I am a fan of natural products I would recommend a few natural products in my next article about ‘home made Korean skin care’. I personally recommend it during the night time routine because this step basically is helpful in repairing the skin so it is always the night time that best suits it.
6. Sun screen:
The secret to Koreans ever fair/ pale skin is sun screen. Use of sunscreens is mandatory for Koreans. They start using it from a very young age. Sun causes many skin problems and they know it well. They avoid sun as much as they can with full sleep dresses, umbrellas, hoodies, caps, hats, lotions and creams and what not.
Now, how to choose a sun screen lotion; just having a high SPF level doesn’t help you protect from the skin. SPF protects you from UBB rays they causes sun burn and skin skin cancer. But the UBA rays of the sun are what damage your skin by penetrating through our skin. Therefore, while buying a sunscreen lotion make sure to have PA+++( minimum 3 ‘+’, the more ‘+’ the better) on it to protect you from the UBA rays and the SPF ( higher the number the better) to protect you from the UBB rays . Also do buy a gel based lotion incase if you are oily skinned.
7. Masks:
This is another optional step used by Koreans to save a few above steps. At times when Koreans don’t have the time or have to multitask, they avoid the serum, essence step by placing a sheet mask instead that has it in it. These masks are thin sheets of paper soaked in all goodness of serums and essence and all the ingredients listed on its cover. You can totally avoid this if you follow the above steps individually.
8. Moisturizing:
This step, seals the deal. Like to bind all the papering you have done on your face, moisture helps the skin absorb in all the goodness deep into your skin to help it work its glow out. Again, oily skinned people would be recommended to have a gel based moisturizing cream to have the best results.

So, these are the steps they do everyday twice to look flawless.
Day time routine: 3 step cleansing, 1 or 2 step exfoliating, toning, day time light Serum, sun screen and moisturizing.
Night time routine: 3 step cleansing, 1 or 2 step exfoliating, toning, night time heavy serum, essence, sheet masks (optional), moisturizing.
I have been trying these steps for the past 1 month (both day time routine and the night time routine every day) and it worked wonders from the very 1st day. My pimples and acne stopped, my skin became more radiant and reflective and it became more bouncy. My skin is well hydrated and I have a fresh look almost every time. I use more of homemade products which I would be discussing with you in my next ‘home made Korean skin care’ article. 

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Reverse your hair loss

Hair loss has become the most common problem nowadays. The reasons could be immense stress, work load, medical problem, chemicals, pollution and much more. We believe the ads and campaigns run by different brands that a loss of 100 hair is normal. But who counts? Have you ever thought?

To identify hair loss, the spots you need to check everyday is your pillow when you get up, your comb/brush which ever you use, your bathroom sink, and towel. These are the common areas where hair loss is detected. And if you notice a bunch of hair on all, then no matter even if it comes under the 100 count, you do have a hair loss problem. 

Now for the solution, first of all you need to make sure your hair loss is not sue to medical problems. Medical problems like fluctuation in Thyroid levels, polycyctical ovaries (PCOS/PCOD) etc does increase hair fall problems. You need to seek medical solution to this problem because every regenerated hair would fall as well because of the same reason. In case PCOD/PCOS, strict fibre intense diet and regular exercise can bring down the hair loss and then you can follow this hair loss reversing method.

This is a complete natural solution for hair loss. combination of certain oils can help you reverse your hair loss in a matter of 3 DAYS! I wouldn't ensure baldness reverse but this method has been helpful for a few who had the beginning of baldness issue. This is a very much tried and tested method, which i personally still use.


Coconut oil: 2 table spoon
Castor oil: 1 table spoon
Vitamin E: 2 t-spoons/ 2 capsules.

Combine the above three in a small bowl and place this bowl in a bigger bowl containing boiled water. the heat will mix the oils well regardless their different consistency. You can store it in normal room temperature for a week or so.

Coconut oil strengthens your hair.... Castor oil promotes hair growth and vitamin E promotes hair growth and improves quality along side healing the damaged hair.


Apply natural aloe vera juice or organic aloe Vera gel on the scalp. Aloe Vera reverses the damaged caused and moisturises the hair and scalp. Massage your scalp for around 5 minutes to induce blood circulation. Apply the oil combination mixture on to the scalp. Make sure the oil is applied all over the scalp. Massage well for 5 to 10 minutes and tie your hair, if long. Leave it on for around 6 to 7 hours. Its best recommended before bed. when done, shampoo your hair, for which make sure:

  • Shampoo is diluted before application.
  • Hair is washed only head down
  • Shampoo is NOT a strong shampoo. 
Do this once a week. Use aloe vera on the hair at least every alternative day. Use this oil combination as a slight scalp massage everyday before bed. 
You can see your hair loss reduce drastically in 3 days. You can as well notice new hair growth in a month. 

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Effective home remedies for common cold for kids

Common cold and babies just go hand in hand. Especially when they are preschoolers. Parents can not stand it when there angels gets irritated by the slightest disturbance ever. Common cold especially deprives baby of their sleep and at times can slightly raise their body temperature.

It has to be noted that common cold doesn't go instantly at all. It has its time which is around a week and it is made sure to take that long. But there are some tips parents can do to prevent it and to bring it to control. Some ideas I tried and did work would be as follows:

1) the holy basil or tulsi, is actually a herb. Always make sure to boil the drinking water with a few leaves of basil leaves in it and only use this water for drinking purpose. This solves the problem to a maximum level. Preschooler's parents please follow this point.
2) if your baby has running nose or stuffy nose, use paediatric nasal drops. It helps even if it is running nose.
3) Try doing steaming. If your babies don't opt it, a technique i follow would be, i put some leaves or something in the steamer or make a mark on the steamer and try showing it to her while she un knowingly steams. Also if possible, place some holy basil leaves "OVER the steamer" where the steam come. It helps to a huge extend.
4) Rub, vicks or other such vaporizers very lightly over their chest, back, sides, throat, behind the ears. and try making them inhale its fumes.
5) make sure to clean the floor with "dettol" or other such sanitizers and not floor cleaners.
6) while going through the phase, drop a few of detol or which ever sanitizers used around the area where the baby sleeps.
7) also, if following any medications as per your baby's pediatrician, please make sure to complette each coarse.
I follow these steps and it does help.

Natural remedies

Nature has always protected us. She has spawned medical properties to plants and such so as to cure us from small diseases. 

Holy basil: Holy basil is a pure medical herb. Its called 'Tulsi'. Basically there are 3 types of tulsi, Rama tulsi ( with a lighter coloured stem), Krishna tulsi ( with dark coloured stem) and vana tulsi(wild tulsi). Though all have medical values, Krishna tulsi or the dark stemmed tulsi is of best medical use. It can be brewed with green tea or black tea for daily stress reliever. It can be made as a ticotion for lowering small fevers and such. It can be chewed raw daily to increase immunity. It can be put in steaming water to curb cold/influenza. It can be made a paste with turmeric to apply on small wounds and and insect bites

Turmeric: Turmeric is an Indian spice that has immense medical value. Indians use them regularly in their food. Daily intake of turmeric in a moderate proportion will help in building a strong immunity system. Children are usually advised to take a glass of warm milk with a pinch of turmeric before bed to to help the body repair itself while they sleep. Milk with turmeric is also advised for adults when they have cold or body pain and other minute health issues that has to be tend internally. A paste of turmeric can heal wounds and cuts.  

Salt: There wouldn't be a house that doesn't use salt. Though it is a daily ingredient for almost all our food, it has medical value if used the right way. Gargling of salt water on a daily basis can fight bad breath and small dental issues substituting it for a mouth wash. Putting a hand full of salt into the water in which you soak yourself or legs can absorb in all your tiredness. Rock salt can be used as a body scrubber.

Apple cider Vinegar: It has to be organic. If so, it is magic in a bottle. It helps improve metabolism, and improves digestion when consumed regularly in moderate proportions. When diluted and applied on the face, it cures all skin related problems if not medical. It helps in curbing heart burns. It is also claimed that it helps in fighting cholesterol to a great extend. It balances the alkaline and acidity level in our body.It supports weight loss

Honey: Its a natural sweetener that has allot of antioxidants in it. It helps in moisturising your skin when applied on the skin. It can help fighting small health issues when drunk with green tea or lemon water. It helps in attaining glowing skin and weight loss as well. 

 Pepper corns, shallots, sugar candy/ rock sugar, black raisins etc are other things that helps in curing small health issues. A few of their uses would be:
  • Cough: Crush pepper corns to powder (as pepper powder can be adulterated) and mix a pinch with a teaspoonful of honey. Have this for instant relief. Suited for both adults and children alike.
  • Phlegm: De-skin and chop the shallots. Keep them in a small bowl with coarsely crushed sugar candy and keep away for an hour or two. Drink the syrup formed and keeps away the rest again till the next set of syrup is generated. Keep doing the process till the sugar candies have melted. Doing this can give relief for Phlegm related problem. Suited for both adults and children alike.
  • Black raisins: Soak black raisins for an hour or two and eating this can solve constipation. Suited for both adults and children alike.
  • Lemon Black tea: Boil a glass of water with a teaspoon of tea powder. Add a table spoon of sugar to it. In a glass squeeze in 1 lemon and pour the prepared black tea. This relives loose motion in adults.
This article will be updated regularly when new uses and prominence come into our knowledge. 

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