Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Pedicures at home!

Why do you have to go to parlours to waste your money on pedicures when 'you' can pamper your feet at its best! just follow the steps below and have beautiful feet and legs that feels just as soft and supple as a baby

1.Heat water to raise its temperature to a bearable heat. Pour it into a huge tray (in which you will soak your leg). 
2. Meanwhile, in a tray bring in a towel, exfoliate( even face exfoliating cream would do), nail cutters, nail filers, cuticle cutters, pumice stone, brush and moisturiser.
3.Remove your nail polish if any, and cut or file them as your desire.
4. slowly push back the cuticles a bit. you can use a soft rounded tool for the purpose.This promotes nail growth. But do not push it very deep as this can damage the nail as well.
5. When done soak your feet in the heated water for say 10 minutes. Then take 1 foot out. With the pumice stone remove all the dead skins around your heels etc. This takes a while. then place it back to the water and do the same with your other foot. then back to the 1st foot. Repeat this process till all the dead skin is removed and your feet is smooth.
6.Use the exfoliating cream to scrub the foot and leg. wash it in the water and pat it dry. Do the same with the other foot. 

7.Apply any body pack and let it say for the time advised ( you can use home made body packs as well).

8. After removing the pack apply moisturising cream and massage for a minute or so... 

9. You can apply nail paint now. 

Your flawless pampered beautiful legs are ready for you!

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