My First Aid Box

Every house must have a first aid box that contains medicines to heal certain minor health problems and emergencies. These medicines can give immediate relief and help you solve minute problems you face. But if the problem persist its always better to go to the doctor.

(NB->these are the medicines I personally store at home consulting my doctor. Please do confirm with your doctor before using them)
  • Adults or general:
    • Paracetamol (Dolo-650): to cure fever. 
    • Anti vomiting medicine ( Domstall)
    • Avomine ( for travelling vomiting problem)
    • Panthadoc 20 for the same purpose.
    • Rabium 20: for a disturbed digestive system.
    • Eno: for instant acidity relief.
    • Band aid bandage for small cuts.
    • Vaporizer (Tusker balm, a very effective Ayurveda balm)  ( for adults and children alike)
    • Nasavion: for nose block 
    • Providine AM ointment: for cuts and wounds ( for adults and children alike)
  • Children:
    • Calpol: for Fever around 100.
    • Ibugesic: for very high fever
    • Otrivin for pediatric use: For nose block
    • Sporlac tablets ( lactobacillus): for loose motions
    • Domstall syrup: For vomiting.
    • Bonnisan: For any Stomach related problems like gastric problems, irritation etc.
    • Relent: for cold.
    • Lanzol 20 for paediatric use: For gastric problem ( children bigger than 3)
    • Viscodyne: for Cough
    • Candid B cream for any sort of fungal skin rash. 

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