Gorgeous skin

To have a gorgeous skin irrespective of your skin type please make sure to follow the below,

1) Always clean your face with a face wash before going to sleep.This helps in better repair of you skin while sleeping.

2) Drink a minimum of 10 glasses of water a day for hydrating your skin enough to reflect the glow from within.

3) Always wash your face when you return home. While outside, our skin is exposed to bacteria and other pollutants. This can cause or skin to break out and also can start causing damages to our skin. Always cleaning away any such harmful effects on the skin will help our body fight against any skin problems.

4) Despite any exercise you do, always spend some time for walking. Walking is one exercise that not only calms you done but also emotionally keeps you anxiety free. So take a walk outside, enjoy the breeze and relax yourself and the inner peace truly shows reflects on your skin.

5) Once a day remove any cream or any such substance used on your skin and allow it to breath. This will allow the oxygen to enter your skin and your skin will naturally start to glow.

6) Always exfoliate your face with daily exfoliate. It is said exfoliating your face daily will damage your skin therefore , i would recommend you to 'neem face pack' preferably from Himalaya to be used as a daily exfoliate.  Though this is a face pack, it has small granules of lead particles in it that acts as an exfoliate. This is gentle enough to rejuvenate your skin and remove any dead skin on your face. Do this daily as a part of your morning routine and your skin will glow like never before. 

7) Never use soap on your face, instead can use face wash gels or natural powders as in home made chick pea powder etc. Soaps are harsh to your skin and that can absolutely unbalance the PH balance of you skin making it rough and patchy.

8)Always keep yourself away from chemicals. chemicals can for sure give you temporary good looks but on the long run it will age and damage your skin. Natural products for sure take their own sweet time but the results are much much longer and more grander than any chemicals can bring.

9) Sleep is another secret to beautiful skin. It is during this time that the skin repairs and works to all the best results you wish to have. An 8 hour sleep is a must in case a glowing skin is your target.It is called a "beauty sleep" for an obvious reason.

10) Lastly, you should know the content of the products you wear. Vitamin E is the key to best skin. Make sure you have ample of that on your skin in a form or other. Every product has a natural substitute. The more natural products you prefer the more your skin will thank you with its beautiful glow and feel. 


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