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Simplest facial care

Our face is the first thing anyone notices when we meet. besides, our face is exposed to heat, sunlight, pollution and such that very much adversely effects it glow. Besides all this a wrong diet, medical conditions, sleeplessness and many other conditions effects out face the  most. Our face being a mirror to our health and lifestyle we need to take care of it with utmost dedication.
Cleansing and rejuvenating our face should be part and personal of our daily lives. 

Cleansing is something you need to do at a minimum of 2 times at least, a day. If you have an oily skin that can increase up to 4 times a day as the oil on the face tends to attract more dust and bacteria on the surface. Using a face wash from a drug store or preparing a cleanser at home can be perfectly fine for this purpose.

Our cells die everyday replacing itself with new ones. Therefore, it is very important to remove them from the surface of our skin for letting the new ones breath. Exfoliating is a process of removing these dead cells with the help of small particles that when rubbed over your skin removes them along their motion. You can choose an exfoliate readily available in market or you can make at home.

The purpose behind steaming is to open the pores. But prolonged steaming will adversely effect the skin as heat is not a very advisable element for the skin. But occasional steaming it fine. Opening of pores is required for purposes like black head removal and face packs in case you need deep nourishment or cleansing. Therefore once a month would be apt. If you don't have a steamer, all you need to do is boil water and allow the steam to reach your face from a safe distance. When you see droplets of water all over your face, you are ready for the next procedure. 

Black head and White head removal:
Black heads/ white heads are small dirt deposits in the pores.This is one painful process in a beauty regime. Even though there are tools in the market that can remove black head/ white heads, it is not advised for an unsupervised usage of these tools as it can lead to bleeding. 
As an alternative, there is an alternative that can remove 80% of the black/white heads at home with no pain. Mix in a half teaspoon of gelatin with 1 teaspoon of warm milk. Stir until the gelatin dissolves. Apply it in the effected area while the mixture is warm. Leave it to dry and slowly peel of the mixture to remove the black/white heads in the area. Please note that it even removes the fine hair on the skin therefore it can be painful if the fine hair is included in the area. 

Face pack:  
This is the one step where your skin is nourished with its essentials. As per your skin requirements you can either buy a face pack from the medical store or make one on your own at home. 

The purpose of a toner is to close your pores. This isn't a compulsory step as your pores tend to close gradually. But in case you have large pores, regular usage of a toner is advised. If your toner has alcohol in it, it is called an astringent and if it doesn't, it is called a toner. Alcohol is never advised on skin so a toner is always better. 

This is the finishing touch to your facial routine and the most important too. A hydrate skin glows and is healthy. Therefore to seal in all the work you have done on your face you should moisturise your face with a moisturiser that suits your skin. You can either make a moisturiser from home or buy it from a medical store suiting your skin. 

N.B-> Please do check my other articles regarding each step where in I will discuss about the home made options you can make and other products you will need. 

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