Thursday, 27 February 2014

Beautiful hair

I researched on hair a little before i concluded to what we are to discuss here. A few points you need to remember before doing anything at all on your hair are:

1.Your hair is very much different from others as the circumstances your hair is exposed differs, texture differs and all such matters differs,so the product suiting them may not always suit you.

2.You need to realise that your hair needs allot of protein and has to be hydrate enough for it to grow lusciously.

3.If you are looking for a permanent change in the quality of the hair make sure you know what you eat. Anything that goes through your mouth will have an effect on not just your body but of course your hair as well.

3.Oiling your hair regularly is important but the oil has to be chosen accordingly . Every oil has a purpose and choosing the oil that suits the purpose of your hair is very important. 

4.Stimulating your hair before bed is critical for it to produce essential oils for repair while sleeping. Therefore you need to un-knot your hair gently with a comb for the purpose and then with a hair brush with rounded ends comb your hair from root to tip slowly, distributing the oils from the scalp to the tips as well. It is also recommended to up-down your hair and brush well to stimulate the hair growth and repair during sleep.

 5. While sleeping, it is common that the friction caused between your hair and the rough surface of your pillow case can cause ample damage to your hair. Therefore it is recommended to shift onto a satin pillow cover as it causes the least friction to your hair.

6.It is always better to avoid harsh chemicals and heat treatment on your hair. But in case used, make sure to free your hair from any residue it leaves behind and also use products that will help you reverse the damage it causes to your hair.  

7. Always, wash your hair up-down as it stimulates hair growth and reduce breakage.

8. Never wash your hair daily as it tends to make your hair dry and promotes breakage. Also, do not rub dry your hair after bath as the friction is deadly for your hair.

9. Never wet comb or tie your hair. Blow dry the roots with moderate heat and from a safe distance and let the hair strands dry on its own before combing or tying your hair.

10. Always remember to put on a hair mask at least once a month to supply in a little extra for it to nourish and grow on. 

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