Natural remedies

Nature has always protected us. She has spawned medical properties to plants and such so as to cure us from small diseases. 

Holy basil: Holy basil is a pure medical herb. Its called 'Tulsi'. Basically there are 3 types of tulsi, Rama tulsi ( with a lighter coloured stem), Krishna tulsi ( with dark coloured stem) and vana tulsi(wild tulsi). Though all have medical values, Krishna tulsi or the dark stemmed tulsi is of best medical use. It can be brewed with green tea or black tea for daily stress reliever. It can be made as a ticotion for lowering small fevers and such. It can be chewed raw daily to increase immunity. It can be put in steaming water to curb cold/influenza. It can be made a paste with turmeric to apply on small wounds and and insect bites

Turmeric: Turmeric is an Indian spice that has immense medical value. Indians use them regularly in their food. Daily intake of turmeric in a moderate proportion will help in building a strong immunity system. Children are usually advised to take a glass of warm milk with a pinch of turmeric before bed to to help the body repair itself while they sleep. Milk with turmeric is also advised for adults when they have cold or body pain and other minute health issues that has to be tend internally. A paste of turmeric can heal wounds and cuts.  

Salt: There wouldn't be a house that doesn't use salt. Though it is a daily ingredient for almost all our food, it has medical value if used the right way. Gargling of salt water on a daily basis can fight bad breath and small dental issues substituting it for a mouth wash. Putting a hand full of salt into the water in which you soak yourself or legs can absorb in all your tiredness. Rock salt can be used as a body scrubber.

Apple cider Vinegar: It has to be organic. If so, it is magic in a bottle. It helps improve metabolism, and improves digestion when consumed regularly in moderate proportions. When diluted and applied on the face, it cures all skin related problems if not medical. It helps in curbing heart burns. It is also claimed that it helps in fighting cholesterol to a great extend. It balances the alkaline and acidity level in our body.It supports weight loss

Honey: Its a natural sweetener that has allot of antioxidants in it. It helps in moisturising your skin when applied on the skin. It can help fighting small health issues when drunk with green tea or lemon water. It helps in attaining glowing skin and weight loss as well. 

 Pepper corns, shallots, sugar candy/ rock sugar, black raisins etc are other things that helps in curing small health issues. A few of their uses would be:
  • Cough: Crush pepper corns to powder (as pepper powder can be adulterated) and mix a pinch with a teaspoonful of honey. Have this for instant relief. Suited for both adults and children alike.
  • Phlegm: De-skin and chop the shallots. Keep them in a small bowl with coarsely crushed sugar candy and keep away for an hour or two. Drink the syrup formed and keeps away the rest again till the next set of syrup is generated. Keep doing the process till the sugar candies have melted. Doing this can give relief for Phlegm related problem. Suited for both adults and children alike.
  • Black raisins: Soak black raisins for an hour or two and eating this can solve constipation. Suited for both adults and children alike.
  • Lemon Black tea: Boil a glass of water with a teaspoon of tea powder. Add a table spoon of sugar to it. In a glass squeeze in 1 lemon and pour the prepared black tea. This relives loose motion in adults.
This article will be updated regularly when new uses and prominence come into our knowledge. 

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