Basic hair tips

Now, I have always preferred natural things over any chemicals for my hair, not that I have the best hair but from a relatively bad hair (by birth) I could successfully transform into healthy glowing bouncy hair.
First of all, you need to find what is your hair type. People with normal hair can follow dry hair procedures as it will always be beneficial for your hair.
Dry Hair,
  1. Always prefer oils having more moisturiser content. Eg, Almond oil, olive oil, tender coconut oil etc.
  2. I would always advice an after shower application of oil therefore preferring a non sticky oil would be perfect. Application is simple, just take in a drop or two of oil( depending on the length of you hair) and apply from tip to root.
  3. Apply oil before styling your hair.
  4. Make sure to apply a drop or two of oil on to your scalp and the same amount onto your tips before bed.
  5. Aloe Vera application of hair can do wonders to it.
  6. Make sure to add in castor oil weekly once before shampooing.
  7. Make sure conditioner don't ever come near to the scalp.
  8.  Drink minimum of 2.5l of water a day.
  9. Massage your scalp when ever possible as it can encourage natural oil secretion.
  10. Always tie your hair while going to bed else make sure to use satin pillow covers to reduce friction caused.
For oily hair,
  1. Don’t oil your hair regularly as you already have enough oil in there. 
  2. Though you have oily hair, you need to oil treat your hair weekly once.
  3. Shampoo your hair weekly once at least as oil absorbs dirt and dirty hair will promote hair fall and scalp irritation.
  4. comb your hair regularly, to distribute the oil equally from scalp to root.
  5. Always tie your hair while going to bed else make sure to use satin pillow covers to reduce friction caused.
Irrespective of your hair type, you need to have hair packs to rejuvenate your hair and repair it from any damage caused. 

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