10 tips to a beautiful boady

Just like you face your body is very much a part of your beauty. Imagine a person with a gorgeous face but a rough and dirty body? It would not in any case appeal at all. So here are 10 general tips to help your body glow the exact radiance your face does.

1. Prefer a body was to soap. Soaps are always harsh and can damage your skin. There are certainly soaps that promise of being softer but my personal experience was that it didn't serve its purpose of cleansing as much as expected. There is a large variety of body washes available choose the once to you preference.

2. Exfoliate your body as well. Just like your face, you need to exfoliate your body as well at-least once a week. Instead of buying a body exfoliate I would rather recommend you to make one at home. In case you need extreme body scrubs, you can mix in sugar and honey. else if you want to a milder one, you can mix in oats and honey. and such. Whether you buy it from a store or prepare it at home, you should exfoliate regularly, this will remove all the dead skin residue on the body and help it to breath.

3. Body packs: Once again just like a face pack, body packs does the same purpose. It helps in providing an extra hand in repairing our damaged skin and rejuvenating its well deserved glow and softness. You can very well get body packs readily available in market, else you can through in some ingredients from the kitchen in accordance to your skin requirements.

4. Pat dry: After our bath, it is very important to meekly pat dry the body than vigorously scrubbing off the water with the towel. The water on our skin needs to be absorbed as a part of skin hydration so be gentle while patting off the water from the body.

5. Moisturise: Moisturising is absolutely important as well during all the seasons. It is usually observed that people use a moisturiser only when they feel their skin to be dry. The reason your skin becomes extremely dry is because of the absence in regular moisturising. Depending on your skin type get a body moisturising cream/lotion. Apply onto your skin just after bath. moisturising just after bath will lock in the already present moisture into your skin and also you will need half of the usual amount of lotion required.

6. Do not apply face lotions/ creams on your body. You body is very different from your face. therefore using face lotions on your body will only be a wastage,\. Use products exclusively meant for your body for it to serve its purpose.

7. Body odour: Body odour is a sign of building bacteria. The simplest way to stop body odour build up is use 10 ml of antibacterial liquid into your bathing water at least once a week.

8. Darker skin in certain area:  Darker skin in areas like under arms, inner thighs etc are signs of damage and dehydration of the skin in the area. This happens due to friction in such sensitive areas. Due care has to be taken through application of oils, glycerine and such on regular basis to such areas in order to gradually revive the damaged skin.

9. Waxing or shaving: Getting rid of unwanted hair is absolutely common now a days. It gives a silky smooth finish and is quite appealing too but these procedures are quite painful and skin damaging as well on the long run. Therefore, it is advisable to apply coconut oil in the area of treatment after which a warm bath with help the skin heal to a great extend. application of skin boosters like Vitamin E aloe vera gel extra after the bath also helps in further healing.

10: Sleep: just like your face, your body also needs ample sleep to repair and revive. To area areas like hand and feet that are more prone to rougher work has to be taken special care before sleeping by application of foot creams and hand creams before sleeping. An alternative to this is Vaseline. Application of Vaseline to hands and feet before sleeping can do wonders to both. But it is also advised to wear a sock and a gloves while sleeping if you want quick results.  

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